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How to avoid the accident while operating belt conveyor

How to avoid the accident while operating belt conveyor

Update Time:2019/12/16
Belt conveyor safety operation regulations
1. Wear labor protection equipment properly before operation.

2. The equipment must be fully inspected before starting up, remove obstacles, and start the operation before making sure that no one standing on the head, tail wheel and other rotating parts.

3. Check whether the switch is in a good state before starting, and perform no-load operation first, and the interlock protection must not be arbitrarily released. The bell must be warned for 3 minutes before starting.

4. After stopping, the belt must be emptied to avoid stopping and starting the load.

5. During the operation of the conveyor, the motor, reducer, front and rear wheels, cleaners, and leaking materials must be checked frequently. The lubrication of the conveyor and the sound of gears are normal. The temperature of each part during operation must not exceed the specified value.

6. When the belt fails to start or slips, it is strictly forbidden to handle it with pedals, pulls, or poles. When the rotating part of the conveyor is in operation, it is forbidden to clean and touch the operating part. It is forbidden to sit on the belt to rest, and chat; Do not cross the belt or pass under an unprotected belt.

7. During shutdown and maintenance, Cut off the power supply, place the on-site transfer switch in the "locked" position, put on the "Switch On Forbidden " sign, and get in touch with Central Control and related posts.
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