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Belt Conveyor Series

Belt Conveyor Series

Belt conveyor is an ideal products used for conveying all kind of bulk material;  We, SKE offers the right solution for the customer and customize the design to suit your specific requirements. 

Due to different functions, there are different types of belt conveyors, such a fixed belt conveyor, mobile belt conveyor (telescopic belt conveyor), large inclined belt conveyor, long distance belt conveyor, barge loading belt conveyor and pipe belt conveyor etc; Meanwhile, based on client's different demand, the special belt conveyors ,for example, fixed conveyor with extensible device or tripper cars device, mobile conveyor with lift-able device, fixed radial conveyors, mobile radial conveyors etc can be designed by SKE company;

It can work at external temperature during -15℃~+40℃; This series conveyor  is a general-purpose serial product, which uses cotton canvas, nylon, polyester canvas and steel wire belt as transporting parts. As kind of consecutive transpiration equipment;

It can be used for coal industry, metallurgical industry, mines, harbor, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum and mechanical industry, to transport various kinds of loose materials and mass materials;

Ship loading conveyor system

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