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How to select a suitable motor in long distance belt conveyor?

How to select a suitable motor in long distance belt conveyor?

Update Time:2020-03-05

The motor power of long-distance belt conveyor determines how many materials can be transported . If the material is overloaded, the motor power is not enough, which will damage the conveyor and cause the motor to burn!  The motor power is too large, which is easy to cause waste and increase the cost. Then how can we select a right motor? The following calculation method helps us to select the right belt conveyor motor.

motor for belt conveyor

1. First calculate the tension of the conveyor belt = total load wight * rolling friction coefficient;

2. Pull force * radius of drive pulley = drive torque;

3. According to the speed of long-distance belt conveyor, calculate the speed of driving pulley= transmission speed / circumference of driving pulley;

4. The power of the motor (kw) = torque (nm) × speed of the driving pulley (RPM) / 95505, calculation result * safety factor * efficiency of the reducer mechanism, select the corresponding motor;

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