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What is the power supply device used in the mobile conveyor?

What is the power supply device used in the mobile conveyor?

Update Time:2020-03-23

The mobile power supply device in the mobile conveyor is mainly divided into two types! The mobile power supply device for mobile conveyor is one of the indispensable parts of the mobile equipment, SKE mobile belt conveyor manufacturer from China take you for detail understand for the mobile belt conveyor power supply.

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1. Hard-sliding wire is a bare sliding wire laid along the running track of a mobile device. A current collector is installed on the mobile conveyor, and the current collector slides or rolls along the sliding line to introduce current to the mobile device. Sliding wires are generally laid overhead. In order to ensure safety, traditional bare sliding wires have been replaced by various forms of safe sliding contact power transmission devices. Its characteristics are to protect the hard sliding wire with an insulating sheath, which ensures the operator The safety of the slip line can also ensure the anti-dust and rain and snow invasion functions, so that the current collector runs smoothly and reliably

2. There are two types of flexible cable power supply: suspension and coiled.

 A :The standard form of suspension cable power supply device is to suspend the cable on several trolleys that can roll along the H-beam. When the mobile device moves, the trolley rolls, the cable is retracted or put away. Leading ropes are provided in the slip shop.

B:Cable drum power supply is more suitable for mobile devices with longer moving distances. Especially mobile equipment such as unloading trucks and stacker-reclaimers installed on mobile conveyors. The cable drum power supply device uses round cables and flat cables. Especially for long-distance mobile power supply, flat cables have incomparable advantages, so they are more widely used.

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