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What is a tripper conveyor?

What is a tripper conveyor?

Update Time:2020-04-26

The belt conveyor tripper car is a separate component of the belt conveyor, which is mainly used in the occasions where the belt conveyor has different unloading points requirements. Its function is the same as the unloader, but it can realize multi-points unloading in different places. It is more convenient to use, but the relative cost is higher, suitable for use on large belt conveyors.

The belt conveyor tripper is a kind of unloading device, which can unload at any point in the horizontal section of the conveyor, which is convenient for the overall distribution. Due to the steel rail, it can be easily moved and can be discharged on both sides or unloaded on one side. According to the needs, it can be designed into three-way (middle and two sides, but can not be discharged simultaneously in the middle and both sides), two-way (two sides or middle and single side) and single side discharge.

Stacking conveyor tripper car design

Structure and composition:

① Walking light rail. The walking light rail is erected on the conveyor and used as a supporting and running track for the walking steel wheels.

②, receiving funnel. The material is transported to the receiving funnel via the conveyor belt, and then the accumulation is dispersed to the chute.

③ Chute. Like all head chutes, the chute of the unloading trolley includes double-sided discharge and single-sided discharge.

④ Walking drive structure. Because the unloading trolley can move by itself, it needs to install a walking drive structure. Walking drive structure is composed of motor reducer.

Tripper conveyor for aggregates stacking