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What should be taken in consideration while designing a belt conveyor

What should be taken in consideration while designing a belt conveyor

Update Time:2020-05-12

Belt conveyor is most economic  solution for bulk material handling, which are widely used for many different industrial fields like grain, chemical, coal, thermal power, cement, aggregates etc. A good designed belt conveyor system will bring good benefit with good working performance. So how to design the belt conveyor and what should be taken into consideration are quite important; SKE is focusing on bulk material belt conveyor handling products and solution, let 's show you the detail:

belt conveyor heavy-weight take-up design

1. Working environment and conditions

It is necessory to consider the daily operation time, working frequency, belt conveyor service life, feeding and unloading methods.

Working environment, condition: ambient temperature, outdoor or indoor, environmental protection requirements, mobile or fixed, telescopic requirements.

2. Problems with conveyor lines and conveyor belts

The size of the transmission line needs to be considered in detail, including: inclination angle, maximum length, lifting height; the size of the straight line section and the curve section; the connection size, etc.

Conveyor belt: maximum sag requirement, simulated friction resistance coefficient, friction coefficient, safety factor.

3. The nature and conveying capacity of materials

The specific properties of the material need to be considered, including: loose density, angle of repose, particle size of the material, maximum block size, humidity of the material, abrasion, adhesion and friction coefficient of the material. Delivery volume, the delivery volume that can be directly reached when the material flow is uniform, and when the material flow is uneven, basic statistical data of the material flow can be considered.

tripper belt conveyor stacking solution

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