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What should be paid attention to for belt conveyor maintenance?

What should be paid attention to for belt conveyor maintenance?

Update Time:2021/1/4

In order to ensure the reliable operation of the belt conveyor, the most important thing is to discover and eliminate possible faults in time. For this reason, the operator must observe the working conditions of the belt conveyor at any time, and deal with it in time if any abnormality is found. It is very important that mechanical workers should regularly inspect and inspect any conditions or parts that require attention. For example, an idler is not very important, but a high-speed conveyor belt that conveys worn materials may quickly wear through its shell, and a knife edge may appear. This knife edge may seriously damage an expensive conveyor belt. Trained workers or experienced staff can detect impending accidents in time and prevent them before they happen. The conveyor belt of the belt conveyor accounts for a considerable proportion of the overall conveyor cost. In order to reduce the cost of replacing and repairing the conveyor belt, it is necessary to pay attention to the training of operators and maintenance personnel on the operation and maintenance of the conveyor belt.

belt conveyor for tailing mine processing

1. The belt conveyor should be supervised by a designated personnel during the working process. The personnel must have general technical knowledge and be familiar with the performance of the conveyor.

2. The company should formulate "equipment maintenance, overhaul, and safe operation procedures" for conveyors so that the guards can follow them. The guards must have a shift system.

3. The feed to the belt conveyor should be uniform, and the feed funnel should not be filled with materials and overflow.

4. During the working process of the conveyor, non-custodial personnel are not allowed to approach the machine, and no one is allowed to touch any rotating parts. When a fault occurs, the operation must be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault. If there are defects that are not easy to eliminate immediately but have no significant impact on the work, they should be recorded and eliminated when they are overhauled.

5. When taking care of the conveyor, you should always observe the operation of each part, check the connecting bolts everywhere, and tighten them in time if they are loose. However, it is absolutely prohibited to clean and repair the moving parts of the conveyor when the conveyor is running.

6. The screw tensioning device of the tail assembly should be adjusted appropriately to keep the conveyor belt with normal working tension. The personnel should always observe the working conditions of the conveyor belt. If the part is damaged, it should be decided whether to replace it immediately or to replace it when it is overhauled according to the degree of damage (whether it affects production). The removed conveyor belt should be used for other purposes depending on the degree of wear.

7.  When taking care of the belt conveyor, it is necessary to observe its working status, clean, lubricate, check and adjust the spiral tension device and other sporadic tasks.

8.  Under normal circumstances, the belt conveyor should be started when there is no load, and stopped after the material is unloaded.

9.  In addition to maintaining normal lubrication and replacing individual damaged parts during operation, the conveyor must be overhauled every 6 months. During the overhaul, the defects in use and records must be eliminated, the damaged parts and the lubricating oil must be replaced.

10.  The company can formulate the maintenance cycle according to the working conditions of the conveyor.

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