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Common faults and solutions of belt conveyor

Common faults and solutions of belt conveyor

Update Time:2021/6/11

Common faults and solutions of belt conveyor

1.The motor cannot be started.

 This situation is usually caused by line fault or voltage drop. At this time, we should check the line problem to see if there is a load of electrical appliances, or if there is a fault in the voltage line.

2.Motor heating problem

After we use the belt conveyor for a period of time, sometimes the equipment will cause the motor overload because of overload or transmission obstruction. In addition, there is no timely addition of lubricating oil, resulting in increased power. At this time, dust will accumulate in the fan or radiator of the motor, and the heat dissipation condition will deteriorate. At this time, you can test the power of the motor, find out the reason for the load, timely supplement lubricant is the best way.

3.Conveyor Belt off track

This situation is generally because the axis and the centerline are not perpendicular, or the conveyor belt joint deformation and so on. At this time, we need to adjust the frame or roller to ensure that the joint box conveyor belt base is straight.

4.Aging of belt conveyor belt

This is usually due to the belt and frame conflict, or because of poor maintenance, resulting in too much tension, equipment aging early, affecting work. Sometimes it is also caused by the conflict between conveyor belt and some solid hard objects. In short, we should pay attention to this part, because this is the most common problem. In case of such situation, we should adjust the instrument in time to avoid long-term deviation of conveyor belt. Do not allow belt to collide with solid hard objects during operation.