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Belt Cleaner

Belt cleaner, called scraper as well, is mainly used at the head and tail of the belt conveyor. Belt cleaner placed on the belt head part, to scrape sticky materials and debris on the front of the belt; And belt cleaner placed on the tail of the belt conveyor is mainly used to scrape off the accumulated material and debris on the back of the belt to prevent the belt into the tail Pulley.

Polyurethane cleaner is a conveyor cleaner with a polymer material. Polyurethane cleaner is a replacement product of the existing alloy cleaner . It uses imported raw materials. The polymer improves the material's wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fracture resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and will not damage the tape. It extends the service life of the belt. The cleaner mainly uses a carbon spring tension adjuster. When abrasion or belt jumps, the surface will automatically follow up, compensate, and ensure that the surface is in close contact with the belt to achieve a good scraping effect. 

Belt Cleaner
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