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What caused Spreading of belt conveyor and how to solve it

What caused Spreading of belt conveyor and how to solve it

Update Time:2019/12/16
Q:What reasons caused the Spreading of belt conveyor and how to solve it?
A: There are some spreading points in conveyor while in operation 

1.Spread the material at the load point. 
Spreading material at the transfer point is mainly in the falling hopper, material guide slot, etc. If the belt conveyor is severely overloaded, the material guide belt skirt of the belt conveyor is damaged, and the steel plate at the material guide groove is designed to be farther from the belt than the belt edge.

 The above situation can be controlled in the feeding amount and strengthened maintenance.
2.Spread when the recessed belt is suspended. The recessed belt section will cause the belt to float when the radius of curvature of the recessed section is small. At this time, the slot formation of the belt changes. Because the belt has left the trough roller group, the slot angle generally becomes smaller, so that some materials are scattered. 

Therefore, in the design stage, a larger curvature radius of the concave section should be used as much as possible to avoid such situations.

3. Spread when off-track. The deviation of the belt is due to the change in the height of the two edges of the tape during operation. One side is high and the other is low.

The processing method is to adjust the deviation of the Belt. They can be used in ship loading procedure.
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