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What must be checked before operating belt conveyors

What must be checked before operating belt conveyors

Update Time:2019/12/18
① check whether the oil level and quality of the reducer are normal;

② check whether the idler inside the belt and the head and tail rollers are caked, and whether there is any accumulated material on the ground that hinders the operation of the belt, which should be cleaned in time; 

③ confirm whether the cleaner is adjusted to a proper position; 

④ check whether the idler is missing, and whether the idler is flexible; 

⑤ check whether the belt has cracks, fur and deviation; 

⑥ check whether there is any foreign material at the inlet and outlet of the belt, and whether the tension is appropriate; 

⑦ check whether the rope pulling switch is flexible and available and reset; 

⑧ check whether the anchor bolt is loose or falling off; 

⑨ check whether the baffle plate of each blanking port needs to be replaced.

Start the belt conveyor before the above have been done.

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