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What is common method of conveyor joints?

What is common method of conveyor joints?

Update Time:2019-12-26

As one of the important components of belt conveyor, the belt’s life and quality almost directly determine the life of the belt conveyor and whether the conveyors can run smoothly and smoothly.

Generally, the common methods of conveyor belt joints are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, thermal vulcanized joints, etc. It is especially important to choose a suitable method of conveyor belt joints. Let’s go through these tree methods of the belt joint.

Conveyor belt repair1. mechanical joints

It generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints. This joint method is convenient, relatively economical, but the efficiency of the joint is low and easily damaged, which has a certain impact on the service life of the conveyor belt product. Among the joints of PVC and PVG whole-core flame-retardant anti-static conveyor belts, this type of joint method is generally used for products below the grade 8 belt.

2.cold bonding joints

The two ends of the conveyor belt are layered and toothed, and then the two ends are spliced together, and a heat gun is used for simple fixing. Put the assembled conveyor belt on the hot-melt equipment to heat and press it for hot-melt. The temperature is about 140 ℃. After the cloth layer has reached the holding duration, stop heating and let it cool down naturally to normal temperature. Remove the conveyor and use it normally .

3.thermal vulcanized joints

Cut and peel the conveyor belt into stepped hairs as required, clean the surface with propylene copper, and mix the two parts of the special adhesive for the conveyor belt according to the blending ratio in the instructions to mix evenly on the peeling layer. Apply it with a flat-headed hammer and smash it evenly with your hands; Use glue to flatten the joints and evenly apply pressure. Then re-use it after leaving it for 24 hours .