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Solutions to common problems in safe operation for tubular pipe belt conveyor

Solutions to common problems in safe operation for tubular pipe belt conveyor

Update Time:2020/2/10

Question:What are Precautions for safe operation of tubular pipe belt conveyor?

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First, environment and clothing. Do not place objects beside the machine at will to make the working environment orderly and avoid accidents such as falls. On the clothing, it is required to wear a tight-fitting tight-fit shirt, fitted trousers, and the buttons on the collar of the sleeve must be fastened. Wear a safety helmet to prevent accidents from the equipment such as being rolled into the machine.

Second, the machine can only be started after a comprehensive inspection of the system. For the upstream equipment of the machine, the iron remover needs to be inspected. If foreign materials such as steel bars and iron pipes enter the conveyor belt, it will cause extremely serious consequences. Before starting, you must ensure that the protective devices are complete.

Third, it must not be overloaded. If it is overloaded during operation, the conveyor belt will expand, which will increase the resistance of the idler and affect its smooth operation. The filling rate of the tubular belt should not be higher than 75%, and the flow of the discharge gate should be controlled.

Fourth, in the transition section, in order to prevent the belt from wearing due to the contact between the rack and the belt, the material should always be located in the center of the belt.

Fifth, if abnormal phenomena such as heat, noise or vibration are found during the inspection, the machine should be shut down and inspected immediately. After the cause of the fault is found and eliminated, the machine can be started again.

Sixth, ensure that the discharge openning is closed, and the materials in the tubular conveyor belt can be emptied before stopping.

Seventh, when cleaning the machine, be sure to turn off the start switch of the motor, and it is best to turn off the main power switch. Pay attention to the use of masks, safety shoes, dust-proof goggles and gloves during cleaning.

Eighth, when the operating environment changes, you should immediately carefully check the belt distortion and deviation, and make repeated adjustments to ensure that the tubular belt conveyor can operate normally.

Ninth, when inspecting and maintaining the tubular pipe belt conveyor, be sure to turn off the start switch of the motor, and it is better to turn off the main power. During the inspection, gloves, masks, dust-proof glasses and safety shoes must be worn. During the operation of the machine, do not touch the cleaner, belt and rotating parts to prevent serious injuries caused by rolling the machine.