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Factors to be considered while choosing a pulley ?

Factors to be considered while choosing a pulley ?

Update Time:2020/2/17

The size of the diameter of the transmission pulley of the belt conveyor accessories directly affects the additional bending stress of the belt when passing around the pulley and the specific pressure of the belt on the pulley. In order to obtain a reasonable transmission pulley diameter, the following four aspects should be considered.

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1. In order to avoid excessive bending stress caused by the conveyor belt passing through the pulley, the pulley used for the steel wire core conveyor belt is generally selected according to the ratio of the diameter of the pulley to the diameter of the rope greater than 150. The radius of the pulley used for the woven core conveyor belt is the same as the canvas layer conveyor belt of the same strength.

2. In order to reduce the surface specific pressure of the conveyor belt and prevent the covering rubber of the conveyor belt from falling off, the transmission  pulley should meet the requirements of the fabric core belt and the steel rope core belt.

3. When the bending frequency of the conveyor belt is relatively high, the diameter of the pulley is correspondingly larger, so that the bending stress of the conveyor belt can be reduced, and the reduction of the bending fatigue life caused by it is compensated.

4. In addition, in order to make the conveyor belt have the function of automatic centering when it passes around the pulley, the surface of the pulley can be made into a waist drum shape, and the diameter of the middle part is 8mm larger than the diameter of the two ends.

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