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How to replace the drive pulley for belt conveyor?

How to replace the drive pulley for belt conveyor?

Update Time:2020/2/18

How to change / replace the drive pulley for belt conveyor?

1. Preparation before operation

(1) Accept the task;

(2) Identify and evaluate the risk source, implement the project's technical safety measures, and sign for confirmation;

(3) Wear qualified labor protection articles and work with a certificate.

2. Verify the spare parts

Check the specifications and technical parameters of the drive pulley.

3. Preparation of tools and materials

Prepare tools such as wrenches, hand hammers, lifting appliances and materials, and transport them to the job site. The tools and lifting appliances are complete, applicable and intact, and the materials are complete.

safety warning:

The lifting equipment meets the standards during the strong inspection period.

4.  Power outage/cut-off application

(1) A special person is responsible for applying to the centralized control room to handle the relevant equipment power failure formalities and clarify the maintenance content;

(2) After the centralized control room confirms the power outage, notify the power outage applicant to check the electricity.

5 ,Electricity test

Check the power outage and confirm the power outage. After contacting the post operator for confirmation, jog the electric test.

safety warning:

In special environments, gas and coal dust concentrations are not detected, which is prone to accidents.

6. Lockup

Lock the control of the power-off device. The lock is in right position and the key is kept by the locker.

7. Fixing conveyor belt

The special belt clamp clamps the lower belt and fastens and locates it. The lower belt is firmly fixed without movement.

safety warning:

Check explosion-proof coal dust concentration in explosion-proof areas.

8.  Loosen the tensioning device

(1) Hanging tensioning weights;

(2) Lifting counterweight;

(3) Install a protection chain.

9.  Separate the cleaner, Loosen the head belt

Use special belt clamps to clamp the upper belt, separate the cleaner, and move the belt up to the head.

10. Fixing conveyor belt

The special belt clamp clamps the lower belt and fastens and locates it. The lower belt is firmly fixed without movement.

11. Remove the protective cover

Remove the pulley guard and place it in the designated position.

12. Remove the coupling connecting parts

(1) Remove the fixing bolt of the elastic pin and place it in the designated position;

(2) Remove the elastic pin and place it in the designated position.

13.  Remove the drive Pulley

 (1) Hanging the pulley and hanging belt;

(2) Remove the pulley anchor bolts;

(3) Lift the pulley to the designated position.

14.  Remove the coupling

(1) Mark the installation position of the pulley coupling;

(2) Remove the pulley coupling and place it in the designated position.

15. Clean-up & inspection

(1) Clean the bonding surface of the pulley;

(2) Clean and inspect the assembly position of the new pulley and the coupling and measure the assembly size.

16.Install the coupling

17.install a new drive roller

(1) Lift the new pulley to the installation position;

(2) Level and locate the coupling;

(3) Tighten the anchor bolts.

18.Install the coupling connecting parts

Install the elastic pin and tighten the bolt.

19 Install a protective cover

20 Disassembly fixture

Remove the fixing belt clamp. No damage to the belt.

21, Adjust the tensioning device

(1) Remove the protection chain. Lay down on both sides at the same time;

(2) Lower the weight. Adjust the counterweight to meet the operation requirements;

(3) Reset the cleaner. The cleaner is in good contact with the tape.

22. clean up the site

(1) Inventory of tools, materials and accessories;

(2) Clean up debris on site.

23. Application for Power Transmission

(1) Applies to the centralized control room for the power transmission formalities

(2) Power transmitted, release the lock.

24. Commissioning and tracking

(1) Notify the operator for test; the pulley runs smoothly without abnormal noise, and the temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius;

(2) Operation tracking and recording

25. Fill in records

Fill record maintenance content.

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