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What are the Operating specifications for mobile belt conveyors?

What are the Operating specifications for mobile belt conveyors?

Update Time:2020-02-24

Operators of mobile belt conveyors must be familiar with and abide by the operating regulations, and have the responsibility for the operation, maintenance and storage of the machine. SKE will show you how to operate the mobile belt conveyors:

1.  Preparations before operation.

1) All fasteners should be fastened reliably.

2) Check the lubrication of each part.

3) Clean up the remnants and stolen goods on the machine.

4) No one or other equipment should be placed under the cantilever end of the mobile belt conveyor.

5) Insufficient air pressure of the wheel tires should be inflated in time.

6) If the ground is soft and the tail wheel sinks, a steel plate or wooden board should be placed under the wheel.

7) The positioning pins of the lifting wheels of the movable belt conveyor should be inserted.

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2.  Operation and inspection after starting.

1) Check according to various requirements during no-load test operation.

2) The conveying operation can be started after qualified, and it should be evenly fed according to the rated conveying capacity. The material flow should be aligned with the center of the guide trough and the conveyor belt.

It should not exceed 2 meters, and continuous conveying should be maintained as much as possible. There should be no dumping and accumulation of large amounts of materials and other conditions that affect the work of the conveyor.

3.  Stop the feeding first, and then stop after the material is emptied on standby, cleaning and finishing.