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Function and type of belt conveyor tensioning device

Function and type of belt conveyor tensioning device

Update Time:2020/4/21

In order to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor, the tensioning device is one of the indispensable devices; To know the belt conveyor tensioning device's function and select the right tensioning device for conveyor system is very important. SKE is showing you some about the tension device.


1. To ensure sufficient tension of the separation point of belt conveyor driving pulley, so as to ensure that the driving device relies on the frictional traction force that must be transmitted by the friction transmission to drive the conveyor to operate normally. 

2. It must be ensured that the most arrogant lithium battery carrying tension must be tensioned, limit the sag of the conveyor belt between the idlers, and ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, so as not to cause slippage and deviation due to the slack of the conveyor belt. 

3. Compensation for plastic deformation and changes in elongation of conveyor belts in transitional conditions. Because the load change will cause the conveyor belt to change in length, and the creep phenomenon will also cause the conveyor belt to elongate, so the tension force changes, and the position of the tension roller must be adjusted frequently to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor.

 4. Make the necessary travel preparation for the conveyor belt to rejoin. Each belt conveyor has a number of joints, which may cause problems on the street at a certain time. It must be truncated and redone. At this time, it can be solved by loosening the tensioning device and rejoining.

SKE machinery belt conveyor tensioning device

Types of the tension device

1. Heavy weight take-up tensioning device:

2 Screw tensioner

3. Steel rope winch tensioner

ship loading conveyor take up tensioning device

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