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How to solve Belt conveyor spilling material problem?

How to solve Belt conveyor spilling material problem?

Update Time:2020/5/19

Belt Conveyor systems are the most versatile and simplest material handling systems,there are some problems may occurred while using a belt conveyor system, such as material spilling. The belt conveyor spilling is a common problem, and there are many reasons caused it. But the point is to strengthen daily maintenance and maintenance.

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1. Spilling material at the transfer point ;The spilling material at the transfer point is mainly in the hopper, guide trough, etc. If the belt conveyor is seriously overloaded, the rubber guide plate of the material guide groove of the belt conveyor will be damaged. When the steel plate at the material guide groove is designed farther away from the belt, the rubber skirt plate is longer, so that the material rushes out of the material guide groove. The above situation can be solved in controlling the delivery capacity and strengthening maintenance.

2. Spilling material when the belt of the concave section is suspended The belt section of the concave section will cause the belt to hang when the radius of curvature of the concave section is small. At this time, the situation of the belt forming groove changes, because the belt has left the grooved roller group, the general groove angle Smaller, so that part of the material is spilled out. Therefore, in the design stage, a larger radius of curvature of the concave section should be used as much as possible to avoid such a situation. For example, in order to shorten the tail car on the mobile mechanical ship loader and stacker-reclaimer equipment, the concave section is designed as a non-circular arc transition section, and it is easier to spread the material when the margin of the belt width is small.

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3. Sprilling belt when running off the belt The spilling material when running off the belt is because the height of the two edges changes during running, one side is high, and the other side is low, the material is sprinkled from the low side, the processing method is to adjust the belt’s off-tracking.

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