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The complete composition of a belt conveyor

The complete composition of a belt conveyor

Update Time:2020-05-28

The belt conveyor is a continuous conveying device that uses the conveyor belt as a traction and load-bearing member and conveys materials through the movement of the conveyor belt carrying the materials. Its structural principle is shown in the figure. The conveyor belt forms a stepless endless belt around the drive pulley and the tail pulley. The upper and lower conveyor belts are supported by idlers to limit the deflection of the conveyor belt tension. During operation, the driving device drives the transmission pulley, and the friction belt between the transmission pulley and the conveyor belt drives the conveyor belt to run, and the materials are mounted on the conveyor belt and move together with the belt. The belt conveyor is generally unloaded at the end, and when a special unloading device is used, it can also be unloaded in the middle.

Belt conveyor design SKE machinery

Continuous conveying mechanical belt conveyor has become the most important continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials. It is not only used in the internal transportation of the enterprise, but also extended to the transportation outside the enterprise. It is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, mining, port, grain and chemical industry.

belt conveyor used in stone crusher quarry

The upper conveyor belt of the belt conveyor is supported by a trough-shaped idler group, which is called the upper load branch or load section or heavy section. The lower conveyor belt is supported by flat idlers and is called the lower branch or return section or empty section. In principle, the upper and lower branches of the conveyor can be used to complete the conveying work.

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