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What are Characteristics of belt conveyor?

What are Characteristics of belt conveyor?

Update Time:2020-06-01

The belt conveyor is a kind of continuous transportation equipment with traction, suitable for coal, metallurgy, mining, port, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, and transportation industries. A belt conveyor has several advantages and disadvantages when being considered as a mechanical means of bulk materials conveying.  It has many advantages and own characteristics than other bulk material handling equipment

belt conveyor for stone crusher plant

(1) Wide range of conveyed materials

Conveying materials range can be from very fine materials to large pieces of rock, stone, coal or pulp wood, and it can deliver finely sieved or fragile materials with minimal drop. Because rubber conveying has better corrosion resistance, the maintenance cost is lower when conveying highly corrosive or highly abrasive materials.

The belt conveyor can also transport viscous materials and hot materials with a certain temperature, and can also transport finished cargos.

SKE belt conveyor for barge loading

(2) Wide delivery capacity

The conveying capacity of the belt conveyor can meet any required conveying project. There are light belt conveyors to complete the conveying tasks with smaller conveyance, and large belt conveyors can achieve thousands of tons per hour or even tens of thousands of tons conveying capacity.

(3) Strong adaptability of the transmission line

Conveyor lines can be adapted to the terrain and bend in space and horizontal planes, thereby reducing infrastructure investment and avoiding interference in the site and other crowded areas such as railways, highways, mountains and rivers. The conveyor line of the belt conveyor is very flexible, and the line length can be extended as needed.

(4) Flexible loading and unloading

The belt conveyor can flexibly receive materials from one or more points according to the requirements of the technological process, and can also discharge materials to multiple points or several sections.

(5) Strong reliability

The reliability of the belt conveyor has also been confirmed by the experience of all industrial fields. Its operation is extremely reliable. It is used in many important production projects that require continuous operation, such as coal transportation in power plants, bulk materials in steel plants and cement plants transportation and bulk materials loading and unloading in the port.

(6) High security

The belt conveyor has high safety and requires few production personnel. Compared with other transportation methods, the chance of accidents is less,reduce the failure caused an accident.

(7) Low cost

The energy consumption of labor hours required by the belt conveyor system to transport each ton of bulk materials is usually the lowest among all tools for transporting bulk materials, and it occupies less maintenance personnel time, less parts maintenance and Replacement can be completed quickly on site, with low maintenance costs.

belt conveyor for stacking solution

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