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What should be taken into consideration to design a belt conveyor?

What should be taken into consideration to design a belt conveyor?

Update Time:2020-06-11

There are two types of belt conveyor selection design, one is the selection of complete equipment, which only needs to be tested by specific possibilities, and the other is the selection of general equipment, which requires the selection of various components through calculation and final combination The design and selection of the belt conveyor under the condition of suitable tools is divided into two steps: preliminary design and construction design. Here, we only introduce the preliminary design. 

belt conveyor CAD design

The preliminary selection and design of the belt conveyor should generally give the following original materials:

1. Conveying length;

2. The installation angle of the conveyor;

3. Designed conveyor productivity;

4. The bulk density of materials;

5. The accumulation angle of materials on the conveyor;

6. The block size of the material;

diverting belt conveyor design

The calculation content is:

1. Calculation of transportation capacity and transportation width;

2. Calculation of running resistance and conveyor belt tension;

3. Check calculation of drape and strength of conveyor belt;

4. Calculation of traction force and determination of motor power;

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