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what is the composition of a complete belt conveyor?

what is the composition of a complete belt conveyor?

Update Time:2020-06-22

Belt conveyor is playing a important role in bulk material handling solution, it has become the most economic conveying product compared to other transportation equipment; What is the composition of a belt conveyor? SKE machinery will show you more:

The belt conveyor is composed of a driving pulley, a return pulley, a conveyor belt, upper and lower idlers, a head and tail intermediate frame, a tensioning device, a feeding device, a transmission device, a discharging device and a cleaning device. 

what a belt conveyor

Conveyor belt plays a role of traction and loading. The cement industry generally uses multi-layer fabric core rubber belts. Ordinary rubber belts require that the material temperature does not exceed 50°C. The idler bracket are the components that connect the idlers; the idler is used to support the conveyor belt, which is divided into flat and grooved. Flat idlers are used for empty return support at the lower part of the conveyor or for conveying pieces, bulk materials, or upper load supports using plow un-loaders; when conveying loose granular materials(bulk materials), the upper load part adopts groove type idlers . In addition, in order to prevent the conveyor belt from deviating during operation, an automatic centering idlers can be set. The drive pulley and the return pulleys are placed at the head, tail or middle of the conveyor.

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