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what the screw tensioning device for belt conveyor and its characteristics ?

what the screw tensioning device for belt conveyor and its characteristics ?

Update Time:2020-07-20

The screw tensioning device for the conveyor belt is a fixed tensioning device with a simple structure and easy to manufacture. It is mainly composed of a tensioning screw, a nut and a sliding frame. The working principle is to directly fix the tail wheel on the carriage equipped with a tension nut. Through the rotation of the screw, the tail wheel is driven to move back and forth to achieve the purpose of tensioning the conveyor belt, so that the belt has sufficient tension to ensure the gap between the belt and the pulley, which will not cause the  skidding.

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The characteristics of the screw tensioning device are:

(1) The tightening force is small and the tightening stroke is short; the adjustment ability of the screw tightening device mainly depends on the size and length of the screw diameter. Because it is installed on the tail wheel frame, it is limited by the tail wheel bracket, and the screw diameter and length generally not large, so the tightening stroke is shorter and the tightening force is also small, so it is not suitable for installation on long-distance belt conveyors with long tightening force.

(2) The structure is simple and easy to operate; when the conveyor belt needs to be tightened, only a wrench can be used to rotate the screw. The operation is simple and fast, with low labor intensity and high efficiency. For belt conveyors with slight deviations, you can adjust the parallel angle between the tail wheel and the head wheel by rotating only one side of the screw and adjust the belt deviation.

(3) The installation size is small, and the space is fully utilized; the external dimensions of the screw and nut are usually small, the manufacturing difficulty is small, and the processing is easy. They are installed on the tail wheel bracket to fully utilize the space and save the equipment area. Therefore, the cost of the whole machine is low.

(4) The operating cost is small; because the screw has self-locking characteristics, its use performance is stable and reliable, and it has good adaptability to the external environment and has a long service life. It can be used normally even in harsh working conditions with heavy dust and muddy water. The spare parts of the tensioning device are not expensive, the maintenance and replacement time is short, and the labor intensity of the maintenance workers is small, so the efficiency is high and the operating cost is low.

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