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What will cause the overload while conveyors are in operation?

What will cause the overload while conveyors are in operation?

Update Time:2020/7/13

Generally speaking, belt conveyors are strictly forbidden to run in overload conditions. Overload can cause belt slippage, severe belt breakage, or even belt breakage, etc. Therefore, overload operation of belt conveyors should be strictly avoided. 

Conveyor overload is strictly prohibited, the conveying capacity must be designed within the theoretical range ;

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Overload of belt conveyor generally refers to the change of the conveyed materials, There are the following situations:

1. The overfeed is too large and overloaded.

2. The characteristics of the conveyed materials change. For example, the belt conveyor that conveys the material is still the conveyed coal, but the moisture content of the coal changes, resulting in a change in the bulk density of the coal, which changes the weight of the unit cross-section and overload.

3. The type of conveyed materials has changed. For example, the belt conveyor originally designed to convey plastic granules, but now used to convey limestone. Overload occurs due to changes in the conveyed materials.

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