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What are the functions and structures of tensioning devices?

What are the functions and structures of tensioning devices?

Update Time:2020/7/9

In order to drive a conveyor belt with a full load, the belt must be under optimum tension to prevent it from slipping on the drive pulley. Without a tension take-up device for belt conveyors, there would be no pressure on the drive pulley and the conveyor belt would stop. To know the function and the structure of the tension device better, it can help a lot during belt conveyor operation.

Heavy counter weight take-up tension device

So what are the functions and structures of the tension device for a bulk material handling belt conveyors? SKE machinery will show you in detail.

The function of the belt tensioning device of the belt conveyor:

1. Make sure that the conveyor belt is tightly attached to the driving pulley, so that its winding-out end has sufficient tension, the required traction force can be transmitted, and the required friction between the pulley and the adhesive belt can be generated to prevent the conveyor belt from slipping.

2. Limit the tension of each point of the conveyor belt no less than a certain value to prevent the belt from sagging excessively between the supporting idlers, causing loose materials and increasing motion resistance, so that the conveyor can work normally.

3. Compensate the plastic elongation of the conveyor belt due to tension and the change of elastic elongation under transient conditions.

4. Provide the necessary travel for the conveyor belt to re-joint.

The type of belt conveyor tensioning device:

Generally, the types of the tensioning device include screw type, cart type, vertical type, hydraulic tension and winch.

In order for the drive pulley to give the conveyor belt sufficient tension, to ensure that the conveyor belt does not slip on the drive pulley, and to make the conveyor belt not droop between the two adjacent idlers, an initial tension must be applied to the conveyor belt. The tension is obtained by the conveyor's tensioning device tightening the conveyor belt. Within the design range, the greater the initial tension, the greater the friction between the belt and the drive pulley.

winch type belt conveyor tension device

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