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What are the main reasons for the broken belt accident when the belt conveyor is under operation?

What are the main reasons for the broken belt accident when the belt conveyor is under operation?

Update Time:2020/7/7

Belt conveyors used to transport minerals are to be found all around the world in a large number of surface and underground mining operations.  And conveyor belt is a critical component part, its quality and good performance will influence the conveyor working condition, however there will be some conveyor belt breaking occurred while the belt conveyor is under operation. Find out the reasons why it happens, it can efficiently help to maintain it during it is operation.   

Belt conveyor for mining industry

There are probably the following reasons for conveyor belt breakage.

(1) The gear reducer is damaged, the fluid coupling of the hydraulic coupling or the motor reverses.

(2) Quality problems of conveyor belt joints. Conveyor belt joints are divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. The quality of mechanical joints is far inferior to vulcanized joints, so it is rarely used now. As far as the vulcanization joints are concerned, if the vulcanization temperature and vulcanization pressure are not controlled as required, the temperature and pressure are unevenly distributed on the vulcanization plate, the holding time of the temperature and pressure is unreasonably set, and the use of unreasonable materials, etc., has influences in the vulcanization process.

 (3) The transportation load suddenly increases due to the involvement of other things during transportation. For example, large pieces of gangue or other objects of particularly high mass suddenly mix in the coal being transported.

(4) The stress changes greatly when starting and stopping. The start and stop of the belt conveyor will also cause the conveyor belt to break. It is generally best to start the conveyor under non-load.

(5) The quality of the conveyor belt is not good, the service life of the conveyor belt is too long, the conveyor belt is overloaded for a long time, and the daily maintenance is not in place.

(6) Uneven material distribution and deviation of conveyor belt. The belt conveyor has an empty section and an overload section, so that the conveyor belt is unevenly stressed.

In order to prevent the breakage accidents caused by these reasons, in addition to manual inspection and maintenance, it is particularly important to arrange breakage protection devices along the conveyor line. Because it can avoid unexpected accidents and stay on standby at any time. When the conveyor belt is working normally, it does not affect the material transportation. When a broken belt accident occurs, it will immediately act to quickly grasp the broken and falling conveyor belt.

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