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How to solve the problem of belt conveyor spreading material?

How to solve the problem of belt conveyor spreading material?

Update Time:2020/9/7

Belt conveyor spreading is a common problem, to avoid the spreading is important for belt conveyor daily operation; There are many factors. But the key is to strengthen the daily belt conveyor maintenance. Let our technical team to show you what will occurred the problem and how to solve it; 

1. Material spreading during belt deviation: the reason for belt deviation is that the height of two edges changes during belt running, one side is high and the other side is low, and materials are scattered from the low side. The treatment method is to adjust the belt deviation.

how to solve conveyor material spreading

2. Material spreading when the concave belt is suspended: when the curvature radius of concave section is small, the belt will be suspended. At this time, the grooving situation of the belt will change, because the belt has left the groove roller group, and the groove angle is generally smaller, so that some materials are scattered. Therefore, in the design stage, it is necessary to adopt a larger radius of concave curvature to avoid such a situation. For example, in order to shorten the tail car on the mobile mechanical ship loader and stacker reclaimer, the concave section here is designed as a transition zone without circular arc. When the belt width is small, it is easy to scatter materials.

3. Material spreading at the transfer point: the material spreading at the transfer point is mainly at the drop hopper, guide chute, etc. If the belt conveyor is seriously overloaded, the rubber apron of the guide groove of the belt conveyor is damaged, the steel plate at the guide groove is far away from the belt when it is designed, and the rubber apron is relatively long, so that the materials can be washed out of the guide groove. The above situation can be solved by controlling the transportation capacity and strengthening the maintenance.