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What are Common faults and solutions of conveyor accessories?

What are Common faults and solutions of conveyor accessories?

Update Time:2020/9/4

As you may know belt conveyor is composed by many different accessories, any problem caused by the accessory will influence the normal operation. Therefore, knowing which accessory will cause the problem, and the right treatment for it is quite important. SKE is showing you the common faults or problem caused by the conveyor accessories and the treatment methods to solve it;

belt conveyor structure

There are many kinds of conveyor accessories, but the main problems are as follows:

1. The motor can not be started, or it can be started slowly.

Treatment method:

A. check the voltage and the electrical line on the conveying equipment;

B. Check the electrical appliances over load;

C. Reduce the operation times of conveyor when necessary;

2. The motor is hot .

Treatment method:

A. remove the dust around the motor;

B. Measure the motor power and check the cause of overload;

C. Add lubricating oil to the transmission parts of the conveying equipment;

3. Reducer overheating

Treatment method:

A. the oil quantity in the machine should be injected according to the specified requirements;

B. Clean the interior regularly and change the oil or bearing in time;

4. The conveyor belt is running and slipping

Treatment method:

A. adjust the frame or pulley to keep it straight;

B. Adjust the idler and correct the conveyor belt;

C .Ensure that the joint is perpendicular to the center of the conveyor belt;

D. Adjust the position of coal falling point;

5. Aging and tearing of conveyor belt


A. keep the conveyor belt according to the requirements of the manufacturer;

B. Timely advise professional personnel to replace, pay attention to prevent the belt hanging on the fixed components, or the net belt falling into the metal components;

C. Try to avoid short distance laying;

6. Conveyor belt Broken


A. timely replace the aged and torn conveyor belt;

B. Select materials with stable physical properties, pay attention to waterproof and cold proof;

C. The joint Department should check it regularly.