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How to design Belt conveyor head funnel

How to design Belt conveyor head funnel

Update Time:2020/8/25

The head funnel and chute are important devices for connecting belt conveyors, the material will be loaded to the connected conveyor via the head funnel and chute of previous conveyor.

The head funnel of the belt conveyor is used for guiding materials and controlling the direction of material flow, which avoids the phenomenon of partial load and also plays a role of sealing and dust prevention. If the conveyor’s funnel design is unreasonable, it will lead to the impact of the funnel steel plate and materials, and the steel plate will be quickly worn. If the chute design of the funnel is not reasonable, it will easily cause blocking, dust and noise.

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What are the types of conveyor head funnel?

There are three different types of conveyor head funnel:ordinary type, adjustable baffle type and lattice type.

`1,The ordinary type can be divided into two types: without lining plate (type 1) and with lining plate (type 2). Belt speed range: ≤ 2.5m/s (type 1), 3.15m/s (type 2), adjustable baffle belt speed range 1.6 ~ 5m / S; type 2 funnel can reach 4m / s in horizontal transportation.

2,Because the impact of materials on the funnel is relatively large, the inner side of the belt conveyor funnel can be added with a regulating baffle. The head funnel with adjusting baffle can adjust the blanking center by changing the angle of the adjusting baffle or changing its suspension position. The adjusting baffle can also play a certain impact role, thus extending the service life of the head funnel. The adjusting baffle can be made into plane and arc shape. The arc adjusting baffle is used to change the impact part of material and baffle into friction with baffle, so as to reduce the impact force. The probability of material rebounding to the drum is greatly reduced. The funnel size is not increased to reduce the impact force, the cost is reduced, and the service life of funnel is prolonged.

3,The head funnel is installed on the impact surface of the material. The basic structure is to weld several steel bars on a large steel plate to form a small lattice, and connect the lattice and funnel by bolts. When the material impacts the funnel, the material will enter the lattice and form a thick protective layer. The service life of the head funnel of this structure will be longer. It can be replaced only by removing the bolts.

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