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What is the conveyor frame? And how many types are there?

What is the conveyor frame? And how many types are there?

Update Time:2020/8/20

The frame is a metal structure used to support idlers, pulley and belt tension. The structure and material of the frame determine the quality of the frame. The actual use of the belt conveyor frame involves various forms of steel structure. For example, the cantilever stacker reclaimer conveying equipment frame, the conveyor frame of the non parallel conveying process, and the frame of the large angle belt conveyor are different.

Belt conveyors for mining industry

Classified by the composition: the frame of belt conveyor can be divided into head frame, tail frame and middle frame; all the three frames are composed a complete conveyor frame system. The head frame can be divided into ordinary head frame, snub head frame and double pulleys drive head frame. The ordinary head is mainly used for small belt conveyor, the snub head frame increases the support for the snub pulley, and the double pulley head frame is used for large conveyor. The intermediate frame is divided into standard and non-standard ones, with standard length of 6000 mm and non-standard length of 3000-6000 mm.

Classified by structural shape: beam frame, truss, tripod, supportings. Generally, the walking gallery (Walkway) and rain proof dust cover of belt conveyor are installed on the truss. When the conveyor is set up at a high altitude, the supportings are needed. The supportings can be a simple structure composed of section steel and steel pipe, or a tower type with complex structure. Tripod is especially suitable for large belt conveyor because of its stable stress.

Heavy duty belt conveyors

Classification by grounding: it is divided into landing type frame and hanging type frame. The landing type frame can be divided into fixed type and mobile type. The landing type fixed frame structure has a long stable service life, which is commonly used in the underground mine transportation roadway transportation system. For the conveyor equipment required to move frequently, we generally use removable mobile frame and hanging frame. The mobile frame is mainly composed of H-shaped intermediate bracket and longitudinal steel pipes on both sides. The frame and frame, frame and idlers do not need to be connected by bolts, but are located by pins.

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