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What are the considerations for the design of long distance belt conveyors?

What are the considerations for the design of long distance belt conveyors?

Update Time:2021/1/4

Long-distance belt conveyors range from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers. In the design process of long-distance belt conveyors, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to the economy and flexibility of the entire conveyor system. So what are the design considerations for long-distance belt conveyors? Some unremarkable problems in belt conveyors used in several kilometers in general, such as the selection of idler diameter, spacing and quantity, become a big problem in long-distance belt conveyor.

long distance overland belt conveyor

 Conveyor belt selection for Long-distance belt conveyor:The cost of the conveyor belt of the long-distance conveyor accounts for more than 1/2 of the total cost of the belt conveyor, so it is very important to choose the appropriate conveyor belt. The safety factor and the joint method directly affect the cost of the entire machine.

Long-distance conveyor drive mode selection:Whether the driving mode is single drive, multi-point multi-drive, or intermediate friction drive, it is of great significance to decide whether to reduce the strength of the conveyor belt . If single head drive is selected, the power of the head is as high as several kilowatts, a high-voltage motor must be used, and the strength of the conveyor belt must be a steel rope core or an aramid core. If the intermediate friction drive method is selected, the belt conveyor can be up to tens of kilometers, and high-strength nylon belt or aramid belt should be used. In addition, whether the motor is a variable-speed DC motor or a hydraulic coupling plus an AC motor, the two prices differ greatly.

Long distance belt conveyor design

Long distance belt conveyor idler selection:The selection of idlers, especially the diameter and spacing of idlers for long distance belt conveyors is more important. The total weight of the idlers accounts for about 30% of the weight of the whole machine. For example, if the distance between the idlers is changed from 1.5m to 2m, or the diameter of 133mm is changed to a larger level, it will determine the cost of the idlers and reduce the running resistance coefficient. For example, the 20km belt conveyor of Cana Iron Mine in Australia was changed from 133mm to 178mm diameter idlers , and the distance between idlers was changed from 1.75m to 2m,As a result, the running resistance coefficient decreased from 0.03 to 0.0098;