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To know more about belt conveyor from SKE machinery

To know more about belt conveyor from SKE machinery

Update Time:2020/9/21

Belt conveyors are widely used in underground, road transportation systems, open-pit mines and mineral ore processing plant, for horizontal or inclined transportation. Regarding upward inclined transportation, the maximum allowable inclination anlge β is caculated for different materials. If the β value exceeds the specified value, due to insufficient friction between the material and the conveyor belt and between the material and the material (that is, the inclination angle is greater than the friction angle), the material will slide, roll down, and fall, which will affect the normal operation of the conveyor belt and reduce the conveying capacity.

belt conveyor for concrete mixed plant

Belt conveyor is a friction-driven continuous material conveying machine. By using it, a material conveying process can be formed between the initial feeding point and the final unloading point on a certain conveying system. It can not only transport scraps, but also transport finished products. In addition to pure material transportation, it can also meet the technological requirements in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic assembly line. Therefore, belt conveyors have been widely used in modern industrial enterprises.

Belt conveyor manufacturer

The belt conveyor has excellent performance: first of all, it runs reliably. Belt conveyors are used in many important production devices that require continuous operation, such as coal transportation in power plants, bulk material transportation in steel and cement plants, and port ship loading and unloading. If you shut down under these conditions, the loss will be huge. When necessary, the belt conveyor can work continuously.

Belt conveyor for stone crushing plant

According to the requirements of the technological process, the belt conveyor is very flexible and can receive materials from one or   several points. It can also discharge material from multiple points or sections. When the belt conveyor is sent to the conveyor belt at multiple points at the same time (such as the conveyor under the coal bunker of the coal preparation plant) or is conveyed to the conveyor at any point along the length of the belt conveyor through uniform feeding equipment, it becomes the main trunk line.