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Application analysis of belt conveyor in mining equipment transportation

Application analysis of belt conveyor in mining equipment transportation

Update Time:2021/6/22

In mineral processing production, the transportation of mining equipment is an important problem. There are many kinds of transportation forms of mining equipment, such as automobile transportation, railway transportation, cableway transportation, belt conveyor transportation and so on. Among them, belt conveyor transportation is a common form of transportation.


Belt conveyor is divided into two types: ordinary type and special type. Special type can be divided into steel core belt conveyor, steel rope traction belt conveyor, rubber wheel drive belt conveyor, linear friction drive belt conveyor and displacement belt conveyor.

Belt conveyor realizes the continuity of transportation process. It has the advantages of large conveying capacity, strong climbing performance, simple operation, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, easy maintenance and repair of equipment. Compared with automobile and railway transportation, it can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the cost and reduce energy consumption. In the mines with large mining depth, long transportation distance and large ore and rock transportation volume, high-strength belt conveyor is an ideal means of transportation.

Belt conveyor and automobile or railway transportation, generally through the crushing transfer station, form a combined transportation system, to transport ore (rock) from stope to concentrator, stope to dump and so on. Crushing transfer station can be divided into three types: fixed, semi fixed and mobile. It is generally composed of ore bin, feeding, crushing and discharging devices. The technological process of combined transportation is to transport the ore (rock) from the stope to the crushing bin by car or railway, discharge the qualified block size by the crusher, and transport it to the concentrator and dump by belt conveyor.

According to the nature of the conveying materials and local climate conditions, the belt conveyor shall be of open, semi open, fully closed type or only capped on the driving station. But it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of belt conveyor and the requirements of material transportation.