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Several performance characteristics of pipe belt conveyor

Several performance characteristics of pipe belt conveyor

Update Time:2021/6/22

Pipe belt conveyor is suitable for conveying various bulk materials with density of 0 ~ 250kg / m3 under various complex terrain conditions. It is widely used in the material conveying system of electric power, building materials, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and other industries. The main performance characteristics of tubular belt conveyor are as follows.


1.Airtight conveying of materials

The material is completely enclosed in the tubular belt, and the return belt is turned 180 degrees, so the material will not be scattered and flying, and will not be affected by the external environment. In this way, not only the external environment pollution caused by the scattering of materials is avoided, but also the external environment pollution to materials is avoided. It can also be used in places requiring thermal insulation.

2.The conveyor can be arranged along the space curve

The tubular belt conveyor has the ability of small radius bending, which can realize three-dimensional spiral bending arrangement. The conveyor does not need to set up transfer point, and also saves the required additional drum, hopper, dust removal equipment, transfer station civil engineering foundation and power distribution, so as to save the cost of transfer station and multi drive, reduce the failure point and material loss, and avoid the maintenance problem of transfer point.

3.Large angle conveying capacity

The friction coefficient between material and belt is much larger than that of ordinary belt conveyor, which can realize large angle transportation, reduce conveying length, save space position and reduce equipment cost. The larger the inclination angle, the shorter the conveyor length, the more economical.

4.The width of the middle conveying section is small

The frame of tubular belt conveyor is only 1 / 2 of the width of belt. In the case of the same conveying capacity, the cross-section width of the round pipe part of the conveyor is only about 1 / 2 of that of the ordinary conveyor. In the case of long-distance transportation, it can greatly save the area and space, and reduce the cost of the trestle.