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Function of Belt Conveyor Speed Protection Device

Function of Belt Conveyor Speed Protection Device

Update Time:2021/11/23

Function of belt conveyor speed protection device

The function of the speed protection device is to stop the belt conveyor automatically when the speed of the conveyor belt is inconsistent with the design value and overspeed or under speed occurs.

Magnet type: install the magnet on the side of the driven drum, and the speed sensor shall be installed on the support corresponding to the magnet. When the drum speed of the belt conveyor is lower than the set value and maintained for 5 seconds, the belt conveyor will automatically power off and stop.

Roller type anti-skid protection: the sensor is installed on the lower adhesive tape and fixed on the H-frame.

Ten protective devices to be installed on belt conveyor

1. Speed protection;

2. Coal stacking protection;

3. Deviation protection;

4. Temperature protection;

5. Smoke protection;

6. Overtemperature automatic sprinkler;

7. Tear protection device;

8. Emergency stop protection device along the line;

9. Guard rails and warning signs shall be set at the head, tail, drive drum and guide drum, and bridges shall be set at the places where pedestrians cross the belt conveyor;

10. The belt conveyor in the main transportation roadway also needs to be equipped with tension drop protection device.