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Application fields of tubular conveyor

Application fields of tubular conveyor

Update Time:2019/12/31

Tubular conveyor (Pipe belt conveyor) is a new type of bulk material conveying equipment. The application of tubular conveyors is basically unconstrained. Any material can be selected for conveying. Typical materials for conveying are: ore, coal coke, limestone, crushed stone, shale and alluvial soil. Some materials that are very difficult to handle, such as steel concentrates, petroleum coke, clay, waste residues, concrete, metal residues, humidified fly ash, tailings, alumina, and filter dust, can also be conveyed by tubular belt conveyors.

Pipe belt conveyor

    Tubular conveyors ( Pipe belt conveyor ) are widely used to transport a variety of bulk materials with a density of 0-2.5t / m3 under various terrain conditions. The application of ordinary tubular belts, the working environment temperature range of -25 ~ 40 ℃; if special requirements, special Standard conveyor belts allow working ambient temperatures up to 160 ° C. It can be widely used in power, building materials, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, docks, ports, coal, food and other professional material delivery systems.

Tubular belt conveyor

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